Website: https://melashri.net

What is particle hunting?

For people working in high energy physics, particle hunting is a daily task. We are looking for new particles, new physics, and new phenomena. We are looking for the unknown. We are looking for the new. We are looking for the unexpected. This is usually involves a lot of diffculties and challenges. But it is also very exciting and rewarding. So I’m proud to be be called a particle hunter. Well no one actually calls me that, but I like to think of myself as one.

What is this website?

Nothing more than I place for me to write on the internet, like the old days. Do you remember the world before JavaScript took the world? Well it was a better place where tracking and personalized ads did not exist. This website should work everywhere, all browsers (Unless a major browser decided to stop MathML support which I use for LaTeX) and devices. It should be light and fast. It should be simple and easy to use. It is hosted on Github pages using hugo static generator with the bearblog theme.